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Get your Flu Shots Today!


Every year, influenza poses a tremendous burden on working adults and the many businesses that employ them, by contributing to absenteeism and lost productivity. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, showed that employee vaccination programs can reduce absenteeism by 36% and provide a cost saving of medical care and sick leave by over 46% per vaccinated employee. Another study from researchers at the University of Pittsburgh demonstrates that even greater cost savings can be realized if flu vaccination programs are conducted before December. Consequently, worksite health programs are becoming increasingly popular as employers attempt to boost employee productivity, reduce health care costs and foster a healthy work environment. The New York City (NYC) Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) encourages all employers to develop an influenza vaccination program that promotes and/or provides influenza vaccinations in the workplace.

Health Empowerment Services, Inc. can set-up this Influenza vaccination program for your company. HES Workplace Vaccination Programs are led by experienced, professional nurses. Call today to set-up your WORKSITE INFLUENZA VACCINATION PROGRAM. Influenza vaccines are limited, so early confirmation is important. Call today. 631-223-8604

Community Influenza Program


Health Empowerment Services, Inc also offers community Influenza programs. HES offer flu vaccines in schools, shopping centers, senior centers and health fairs. All vaccinations are given by trained, professional nurses. Some flu vaccinations can be provided free of charge.


Whether you decide on periodic wellness examinations, health screenings, or a full-blown corporate wellness program, there are numerous benefits to investing in the health of your employees.

Event-specific company physical profile analysis (ppa) or physical exams can help identify potential health problems before work-related travel or a new hire and recommend a corrective course of action for the employee. In this way, the employee can act before becoming ill to maintain his or her health, resulting in fewer sick days.  Additionally, business physical exams are ideal for identifying minor as well as major health issues.  The opportunity to discuss and get assistance for minor aches and pains will result in happier, more comfortable, and more productive workers.

Providing a corporate wellness program also helps to establish loyalty among employees. If an employee knows that the company is providing him or her with a valuable service and investing in his or her future well-being, the employee is more likely to remain loyal to the company. Long-term employees mean less investment in the time consuming recruitment, hiring, and training process.

Corporate health programs can also result in less presenteeism.  Even minor discomforts and illnesses adversely impact the efficiency of employees.  Even though an employee is physically present, he or she may not be optimally productive if dealing with an undiagnosed condition.

In Summary


Some corporate health programs are free of charge, while some will incur a fee. Although some corporate wellness programs have an upfront cost, all return on investments are quick and substantial. the return on investment is quick and substantial. Less absenteeism, fewer sick days, and less presenteeism combine to save the company money in the long-term. Overall productivity levels will rise, loyalty to the company will increase, and workers will be happy, healthy, and efficient

Health Empowerment Services, Inc offers all types of physical exams. Our mobile services come to your location and can customize physical exams to meet your organization’s specific healthcare needs.

This Physical profile analysis may include any of the following tests based on the patient and company need: thorough present and past medical history evaluation (personal and family), comprehensive physical exam, general blood work (as needed), urinalysis (drug screening, as needed), EKGs, tuberculosis testing (TB test), influenza vaccination, etc.


Call today to learn to receive a free or low cost Corporate Physical Profile Analysis.

Health Screenings
Blood Pressure
Blood Sugar
BMI testing
And more!
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